Local Resource Offices Help Villagers

Northern Thailand TCD Expansion


Back in late March, our team spent two days in nearby Mae Hong Son province. On this trip, we mostly spent time meeting people and surveying new communities. In one village, Huay Wai, we met the community leader and his son, Chit, who had returned from Myanmar just before the pandemic. Chit had been gone a long time and was very interested in helping his community improve. Sadly, we have not been back to his village since. We got the news on our last day of that trip that there had been 36 new COVID-19 cases in the city. Public health restrictions have prevented us from returning for months.


However, our local partner, who has been through Transformational Community Development (TCD) training, has remained in contact with Chit on a regular basis. He has been coaching Chit using some of the stories from the training that focus on the use of local resources, and the need for work to be led by local villagers. Chit has taken these lessons to heart and, leveraging his status as son of the community leader, has worked to see changes implemented in his village. This month, they were able to improve the road to their village using funds from the local government Development Office along with funds raised in the community! They are not done, however. Through the local resource office, they have learnt their soil is suitable for growing avocado trees. Working with a neighbouring village, they are planning to purchase avocado trees in bulk next May. Each family that is joining the project is saving three dollars per month – enough to plant thirty of their own trees next season. The trees will begin bearing fruit within three years – providing an alternative source of income for these families.


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