Local Shop Launches

Kharibari Village, India


Kharibari Village had no grocery shop, forcing villagers to travel one kilometre away to get to one. Even for petty things like a matchbox, eggs, or a pack of salt, people had to rush to a shop far away. During our meetings with committee members, I had taken up this issue and they had agreed that the lack of a grocery shop in the village was really a setback, and it would be helpful if someone from the village itself started one. For a long time, I had been motivating villagers to open a grocery shop but nobody was paying attention. Nevertheless, the constant effort paid off and our tutoring class teacher has opened a grocery shop with the help of her brother. They invested around Rs 15,000 into shop construction and initial stock. 


Villagers are happy that they no longer need to travel for essential things as they are available in the village itself. Last quarter, I had been focussing on starting a small business in the village and gave so many ideas like a mini rice mill, Toto business, etc. These things will not only cater to the needs of the villagers but also will provide Income Generation for some villagers. The shop will soon be selling poultry meat.  


We are continuing to create awareness in villages regarding COVID-19. Though the media and other government agencies have been working hard to bring COVID-19 awareness to villages, many still lack awareness, especially in tribal villages. Moreover, the prevailing social evils and superstitions have caused people to believe misinformation like consuming cow urine or pure desi alcohol would not affect them. So, on the 5th and 6th of December, we visited two villages to create awareness. The first village was the forest line of North Indong and the second Kastu Dhura of Murti where we taught how to wash hands and distributed soap for handwashing. Twenty-one youths visited 394 families altogether.


Thank you!