Localising Income Opportunties

Kharibari Village, India


In Khairbari Paschim Dhura Village, there is not a single grocery shop, and people have to go 1 km away to get even a minor thing like a match box. For a long time, I have longed to see a shop in the village itself run by the local Khairbari people, but they were very skeptical to start one. I was constantly pursuing the women of Khairbari to start a shop, but they wouldn’t listen. 


After returning from a quarterly meeting in Dumka, I was surprised to see that one woman named Lalita had already started a small shop in her house, where she was selling things like sweets, biscuits, eggs, snacks and chips, etc. Since she had no place for a proper shop, she was keeping all her wares in an almirah (cabinet/wardrobe). As a means of encouraging her, we are planning to lend her some funds, so that she may expand her shop. 


In the Damdim cluster, we have formed Transformational Community Development (TCD) committees in seven different community centres. We conducted a survey regarding the overall condition of the people belonging to these centres. After one such follow up meeting, we decided to begin TCD with Income Generation. Accordingly, we had two days of mushroom training where around 18 community leaders were given training on mushroom farming. They will now teach their own communities about this and help families earn additional income. 


TCD Update

  • Water - Two wells were cleaned, and 19 families are drinking water after boiling. One central water purifier was installed which will provide the villagers with potable water.
  • Food - Villagers have no shortage of vitamins and carbohydrates but lack protein. At least 14 families reported having balance food at every meal. Three families are rearing chickens for the purpose of eggs.
  • Income Generation - Lalita has started a small shop in her home. She needs a loan to expand her shop. 
  • Education - 95% children are regularly attending government school. There is still no evening tutoring, as there is no teacher available. We are working on some options.
  • Wellness - One major concern was that some women reported jaundice and went to a witch doctor instead of a medical doctor. Coincidently, they are all going to the same witch doctor. I am trying to figure out what is making them do so because they thought it was jaundice without a medical test. The local government health worker says there have been no reports of jaundice the area.


Thank you!