A long wet day...

We made it to Hanover, New Hampshire today after hiking 12 miles this morning!! First time hiking in the rain for hours... not fun! We arrived soaking wet, but we're making the best of it! Once we made it to civilization, we stopped to get pizza and then a trail angel is picking us up after she gets off work to let us shower and do laundry at her house. We are taking a zero (that's trail slang for zero miles hiked) tomorrow to rest and get some admin things done!  And....maybe our clothes will be fully dry before we head out!

Did you know our friends at the villages in Nepal often walk in the rain during monsoon season?  Nothing is dry for a very long time!  We can help them learn skills to increase wellness during all seasons, to provide for long lasting shelter and every basic need with LOCAL resources.  All we need is a little help from you and others like you!  Just like our Trail Angel, you can be an angel in the life of a child and their family in Nepal!  

Please join our team by donating $21.90, $219 or $2190?  We need you!  Families in South Asia need you!