Looking after the Elderly

Shambani Village, Kenya

Recently we taught the Shambani Wellness Committee how to stop complications that rise among the bed-ridden elderly as their strength wastes away and their bodies can’t absorb many nutrients to keep them healthy. It becomes a silent killer, as it hurts the elders: They grow weaker by the day, without anybody looking after them.

So Mama Claudia, a Shambani Wellness Committee member, paid daily visits to the elderly to at least bathe them in the sun for a few minutes, getting vitamin D to prevent bone deformities. She eventually also gathered the elderly together for talks, to break the silence, and to bring out those who cannot make it out on their own. Mama Claudia also worked on a simple feeding program in the village. She and others in the village provided them with enriched porridge during the gatherings. This practice healed many psychological wounds and has brought happiness among the elderly.