Looking Ahead to 2021: An Update on GHNI

At a time when the everyday news cycle is dominated almost entirely by COVID-19 updates, and understandably so, the plight of desperately poor and often persecuted communities is largely being pushed to the background. GHNI was founded by my late husband Harold (Hal) Jones to not only bring awareness of the needs of such communities but also sought to tangibly transform them with practical help and knowledge, and no small infusion of Hope, to bring about an end to the generational cycle of poverty that has held them captive for so long.
I can assure you that Hal’s passing has not resulted in an end to GHNI’s efforts. The mission remains the same, the work continues. Hal was beloved by his staff, but he knew he would have to prepare the next generation of leadership for Global Hope. Through 2020 Hal had been instrumental in developing plans that would bring on a new leadership structure, including an improvement of governance at the board level. There is a deliberative process being undertaken by the GHNI Board to determine new leadership over the GHNI field, GILPP, and Criminal Law and Policy Center. The operational and resource development efforts continue to be led by Murray Hills and the Field Offices are led by Medhat Eskandar.
I will continue to serve with GHNI both in a guiding capacity on GHNI’s US and Geneva Boards, but also in the day-to-day operations within the communications and staffing areas.
The need to fulfill the mission of GHNI is still as vital as it was when Hal and I, along with a small group of selfless and dedicated volunteers, began this organization 20 plus years ago. Though few of those same faces remain, the passion, dedication and commitment to serving the ‘Hidden and Hurting’ remains the same.
With a new year upon us, I ask that you consider continuing with us in this journey through the challenges ahead. We cannot complete this work without you.
We look forward to partnering with you as we bring ‘Help and Hope’ to those in desperate need around the world.
Warmest thanks,
Lana Jones
Co-Founder of GHNI