Looking at the Heart

Dorgovska mahala Village, Serbia

Although the weather is cold, some people went to work in the frigid outdoors of Lebane, while others are planning to sell decorations and greeting cards on the street before the New Year's holidays. In conversation with people from Đorgovska mahala Village, I realized that they want their neighborhood to be different. They’re sorry that there is no love or unity between them, but they do not know how they can change that.

This month I was visiting one family and the husband said he was troubled about a woman who had a difficult surgery. He no longer wanted to celebrate the holidays without deeper meaning. I hope that he will soon come to one of our meetings for encouragement. One married couple we went to visit was also encouraged last week and came to our meeting.

This week I was very touched when I went to visit and saw children who were reading good books and singing songs. We are teaching teenagers lessons on how to look at the heart and not on the outside.

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