Lost a Leg, Still Built a Latrine

MH Village*, Myanmar


The current political conflict in the country has had collateral damage in the lives of the rural people. The COVID-19 related restrictions have a negative impact on the livelihood of our project sites in Rakhine. GHNI has been providing relief food and medical supplies for the vulnerable families in the village. At the same time, it is impressive to witness the strong leadership of the Transformational Community Development (TCD) committee in the village related to the Sanitation Project. 


Two months ago, a MH villager named Aung had lost his leg while he was searching for food for his family. He stepped on a landmine in the forest near the village. It was such a shocking day for the community. They sent him to the hospital in Sittwe and he underwent medical treatment for a couple days. The community and his family were glad because he was not dead. Regardless of a big loss and sorrow, he is still engaged in the TCD programme. This month, he built a toilet with a concrete septic tank for his family with the help of the Wellness Committee. It wasn’t easy, but he did not give up on the transformation for his family and his community even after he lost one leg. He is still a responsible father and encouragement for the rest of the community. He felt proud of what he had accomplished after his recovery.


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*For the purposes of safety, “MH Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.