Love and Care for an Orphan

Shambani Village, Kenya

“It wasn’t my choice, and neither did I have any choice to opt to. I just had to cope with my life as I met it. I have been judged, condemned, and called names for just being a victim of circumstances. Did I wish to be born HIV+? No, I did not! Did I wish to be an orphan? No, I did not! Many are the times I’ve returned from the mouth of the grave, as I fought to live. As though that were not enough, I’ve experienced rejection from relatives and the community at large, stigmatized.


“Not anymore. I thank GHNI-Kenya for the tireless efforts in bringing community sensitization. They fought despair with all they had, and now people live together in harmony. Besides receiving medication,I have been issued with food supplements that have enabled me to stand strong today and begin going back to school to receive my education, just like any other child. I know that I am loved and cared for. God bless GHNI. My name is Rose.”