Love & Hope in Bloom

House of Esther, Armenia


July was a joyous and productive month for the residents of the House of Esther (HoE). Vegetables and fruits were blossoming much more than previously in 2016. The refugees at HoE are getting settled and some are even getting married, preparing for the future.


We had several refugee families visiting for a few days, with the hope of moving into HoE, Spitak Village from Yerevan, the capital. Sofia and Levon, a young couple, have experience in tourism and were accepted to HoE. We are working to promote some type of bed and breakfast approach to try to bring tourists from Yerevan to enjoy lunch or a weekend stay here.


Beginning to hope again, some of our refugee residents have found love and hope in one another and plan to marry. We accepted Mr. Kevork and his daughter Katia, who is the fiancée of Herach. Katia and Herach are planning to get married soon. Mr. Kevork is a handyman and helping wherever is needed around HoE. Apo and Maral are also newly married, forming another new family.


Our GHNI team and the HoE residents are all working together to advance the self-sufficiency program and making preparations before winter sets in. This leads to our urgent financial needs in order to pay the bills, utilities, refugee family support, and ongoing preparation for the self-sufficiency program. We are working hard to complete the greenhouse, water recovery system, chicken pen, mobile homes, electrical work, water pipes, and re-installation of the fish farm tanks for better operation.


We appreciate and are very grateful to our GHNI donors and supporters of the House of Esther.



Thank  you!


GHNI Partner Volunteer