Madam Claudia Leads with Wisdom

Shambani Village, Kenya


Meet Madam Claudia, a real backbone of the community, she is always pushing the community towards hope. As dry as it seemed to be, and as the secretary for the community farm, Madam Claudia organized the planting with no sign of rainclouds in the sky, hoping that it was going to rain, eventually. The sun was hot and the weather was so dry, but good thing she made calculated decisions from her own observation. Madam Claudia told them they had to plant early, for she suspected insufficient rain. Villagers did not understand her plan until the day it rained continuously for one week. Then the rain stopped. The plants grew well and strong at first. For the rest of the time, her plan was to utilize the small amount of water that had been collected in the huge rain collection pan to water their plants. That is exactly what happened as she expected, and the plants are showing signs of a good harvest.


Madam Claudia is a role model to many girls in the village for having completed secondary school and becoming a teacher in the village. She holds other responsibilities besides school to help her community make steps towards transformative development.