Maintaining Good Health Practices

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


This month in Dhoker Jhara Village, villagers were once again reminded about drinking safe water. It’s the rainy season and people can get sick if they drink impure water carelessly. In Dhoker Jhara, villagers concentrate on farming during monsoon season. Thus, their youth don't attend school because they also work in fields, playing in muddy waters that lead to dangerous illnesses. We coach parents to take good care of their children and to not forget to oversee them while working in the fields.


While working in the fields, villagers don’t usually maintain good diets as they give preference to their work, and so they grow weak in this season, both mentally and physically. *Aadarsh from Dhoker Jhara says he eats chapatti (unleavened flatbread) before going to work, and he remains physically healthy.




*For the purposes of well-being and safety, “Aadarsh” is a pseudonym for an indvidual being helped by this project.