Making a Big Impact During a Time of Great Need

Sindh Province, Pakistan


First of all, the villagers are grateful for the support of GHNI, which enabled us to reach many families. We are committed to expanding our reach and serving more people.


Pakistan currently has 18,669 official patients of coronavirus, but estimates say it is more than 40,000. There are full or partial lockdowns across the country that keep affecting the poor in the country. 


The team in Pakistan is providing food packs to suffering families across Pakistan in 10 different cities of the country, and more than 1,675 packs are already distributed and we are planning for more in the coming week. The team members distributing food packs are trying their best to reach the people while trying their best to remain safe from the infection. Lockdown has made things challenging for the beneficiaries and their families, and daily workers are hit the worst in the present condition. 


One widow said, “We had food for one meal left and I was worried for my three kids. I received a call from someone who told me to come get a food pack. I was delighted to hear this. I am very thankful.”


Another worker said, “I was not able to work for the past 10 days and all our savings and food was running out. I am thankful that GHNI remembered us in this challenging time and provided us food. I am very grateful for it.” 


While our Transformational Community Development (TCD) team was distributing food, one widow explained her situation. “I was working as a maid in different houses. My employer terminated my services in mid-March. I felt very depressed. I was taking care of four kids and my savings lasted only two weeks, so I was in need. I am grateful to receive a food pack from GHNI.”


We are grateful for your partnership. Please keep standing with us so that we can reach more needy people. 


Thank you!


Partner TCD Worker