Making a Difference Where They Live

BT Village*, Nepal

After receiving training in slavery prevention and community health, participants immediately started working against trafficking in their community. Some of the trainees live near the Indian border and taught in the village of Ban (India) about child trafficking.  

Another woman took a class on slavery prevention in ST Village*. There is a large problem with child trafficking in this area. One participant shared stories of trafficking from hospitals, bus stops, parks, train stations, and schools in her village.

Sabina, of BT Village, went through the slavery prevention and community health training last month. She has also done awareness lessons in her community. In the coming month we plan to hold additional awareness training in BT Village as well.

Recently our trainees from the Mahendranagar area organized human trafficking training in their village with the active participation of key women leaders. Most of the village women are vulnerable because of their proximity to the Indian border.

Pratiraksha reports that she has been to Doke Bazaar with her new sister trainee, Sakuntala. Doke Bazaar is the border market of Nepal, where many people travel daily to and from India. Just in back of this market is a huge jungle through which people travel on an illegal pathway to the market. From here they can travel directly to Delhi without having to change buses on the journey. It is very easy for Nepali women to be trafficked this way.

We shared about the problem with people having snacks in Doke Bazaar: what human trafficking is, its different purposes, victims, brokers, and broker tactics. I felt it was very important to share about slavery prevention with the shopkeepers as well, since they may meet women in danger of being taken and can inform police if they feel doubt about certain activities. They were happy to listen and interested in learning about the subject.

When I shared our vision with community leaders and organizations, they were very curious and wanted to work together in the coming year. We are planning to extend our training by partnering with other organizations in the community to bring help and hope to the people at risk. This will also be a gateway to start teaching sustainable business in their own village.

Your support makes a great impact on these people with great needs. Thank you!

David and Pratiraksha
GHNI TCD Trainers, Nepal


*For purposes of security and well-being, “BT Village,” “ST Village” and “KT Village” are pseudonyms of the villages being helped by this project.