Making Drinking Water Safe

Ɖorgovska mahala, Serbia


The busy season here in Ɖorgovska mahala has ended,  allowing community members to spend more time at home, where they now enjoy electricity in every house.  


This is Maya.  She is 37 years old and has 3 children. She is part of our Transformational Community Development (TCD) group, and has enjoyed significant improvements in her health and home life. Before her involvement in TCD, Maya was ill and had not left the house for days as a result of fear and anxiety.  There were domestic problems as well, with tension between Maya and her son.  


Now her life is completely changed. Her health is good, her anxiety has resolved, she has worked seasonal jobs and she cares for her family and participates in all their activities. She is grateful for everything. Her husband was deeply affected by her positive changes, and her son now respects her after participating in his teenage TCD group. Maja is grateful to TCD for the transformation in her life.


Transformational Community Development Update

  • Water - Water filters have contributed to better health and people are very satisfied with the quality of the water.
  • Food - People have learnt that food is important in preventing disease.
  • Income Generation -  People are interested in starting a microbusiness.
  • Education - Children need educational assistance because their parents do not have the skills to teach them.
  • Wellness - People are starting to think about prevention rather than treatment.  They perform regular health inspections. They take responsibility for their health.


Thank you!


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