Making Home Visits

Helwan Village, Egypt


We started a Transformational Community Development (TCD) meeting for the women and children in the El-Hagana area. We made some home visits in the area with the help of committee members, and we invited some women to attend our development lessons (psychological, social, ethical and health) after we got to know them through the home visits. There were two women, Safaa and Mary, who had never attended our lessons. We encouraged them to come, and they started to attend. They came for the first time on Mother’s Day. Safaa started sharing about the difficulty of raising three children. We need to teach about topics regarding raising children and other new topics that are needed in our lives. Twenty-eight women attended the lesson. The women were encouraged by the committee to attend other lessons.


We decided, with the committee, to take care and to look after their societal needs, such as a successful family, rearing children, and other personal issues.


During the past three months, we discussed popular proverbs and their effect, we talked about stomach ulcers, time management, speech and behaviour, breast self-examination, generational differences, positive speech, acidity and GERD. We had a Mother's Day party and a seminar on marital disputes. We did soap making training.


In the coming months, we will be addressing muscle pain, failure, respect, COVID-19, stress, ambition, blood pressure, shortness of breath, effective ways to raise children, medical tests, sugar, weight. Lastly, we will have a shoe gallery.


Thank you,



GHNI National Field Leader