Making it Affordable

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


Women of Ezbit el Nakhl


In our development classes, we talk about subjects relating to health, psychology, and moral and social issues. This month, we talked about domestic violence, encouragement, and the victorious life. In addition to these lessons, we held some events and a shoe fair for three days. We offered shoes for very low prices to help them in these days of high prices.


After buying some shoes for her children, one of the ladies from Ezbit el Nakhl said that they wouldn’t have been able to buy any shoes because of the high prices. However, she thanked GHNI for providing them with these shoes for half price. Her children would happily celebrate Christmas.


I asked the amazing group of women, numbering 180 in total, their opinion about GHNI, lesson topics, activities, fairs, and everything. Their answers were very encouraging and everyone loved to share their response. They expressed joy about how we help their intellectual development, change the way they think, and the simple aid we provide. Their words were from the heart and encouraging, helping us to continue serving them.


While I was listening to them, one of the ladies said, “I missed half my life.” So I asked her why did she say this, and her reply was that she was new to our group and only knew about it for two months. She wished that she could have known about it earlier, so that she could learn more, develop her personality, and teach her children, too. Her words were very strong and affecting, and she had mixed emotions of sadness and joy; sadness about the past time that she didn’t know about GHNI and great joy that she is learning new and different lessons, even in her old age. It is great to find ladies who seek to come and have the ability to learn and change without using any tools of attraction, like gifts or material things. She found an unconditional love, a smile, advice, and acceptance.



GHNI National Field Leader