Making Learning Fun

House of Ruth, Jordan


English Class 


This month we taught the children more about letters because they are so weak in the alphabet. It's a bit challenging. Their improvement is slow as they aren’t reviewing what they learnt in class when they are home, and some have been absent this month for a little while.


One big problem is that their parents registered them to come in during their summer vacation. Being forced to do something you don’t like is not good for children, especially. So, because of this, Yoanna the teacher decided to do something different for the children. Instead of teaching them English, she brought with her some of her drawings and asked the children to help her stick them to the wall. This was fun for them and different because they were able to learn some English words, too, while sticking up the drawings.


Computer Class 


This month we received a new group of students and, as usual, we started distributing stationery to them. It somehow motivates the students. Laith (the computer teacher) noticed that there are some students who think they are in school, but he tries to tell them that they are not in school every time. He always tries to avoid the school mood and makes the day entertaining, encouraging them to learn computer skills in an easy and fun way.


Sewing Class 


August 3rd was the last day of the sewing class. Manal (sewing teacher) taught them how to maintain the sewing machines. After the previous course ended, Manal started a new one with five new Jordanian ladies.  The ladies are so excited to start the class and are having new experiences. The first week they learnt how to use the machines, and the next week was how to sew and use the thread.  




So many patients are coming to the clinic. This month we have received 156 patients. Almost 95% are Jordanians.  Many of the patients are not completely poor. Dr. Fadi tries to help them and build good relationships in order to influence their lives positively. The plan is to concentrate on and help more refugees in the coming months.


Dental Clinic 


 Unfortunately, the dental clinic is closed because Dr. Karam left the center, and we are looking for a new dentist. 



GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader