Making Money with the Goats’ Milk

Goat Loan Programme, Jordan


The season of milking the goats is here, which means the time to see the payoff of the project is here, too, and self-sustainability is activated.

Um Karam* is making cheese, yogurt, and labneh from the goats' milk. Through the sales of the milk products to the people of the village, Um Karam is generating some income. She is making 5-6 JDs per day which she uses to buy the groceries and other supplies for her family and household. 


We are waiting for all the pregnant goats to give birth, in order to take a number of these goats (GHNI portion) and move them to a new hosting family in a new village in the same cluster.

In the cluster of Al Mowaqar, during the next coming month, we'll have three villages engaged. We have ongoing projects in three villages already, and we are planning to start in a new third village.

We discussed the idea of having training for the committee. The committee is excited and welcomed the idea very much. The planning is on hold due to the massive increase of COVID-19 case numbers in Jordan. Hopefully within the next two weeks we will be able to do the training and then start our project in the new third village.

Thank you,



GHNI Assistant National Field Leader

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Um Karam” is a pseudonym for the individual being helped by this project.