Making the Most of COVID-19 Lockdown

Refugees in Lebanon


Lebanon’s COVID-19 numbers are increasing insanely. We had a lockdown again for two weeks, but with some exceptions. GHNI’s team managed to benefit from this closure, preparing, decorating, and preparing some new tools for the classes. Children are always feeling at home at our centre. They always enjoy coming, learning, having fun, and doing more activities regardless of the situation we are all going through.  


COVID-19 Measures 

COVID-19 measures in this situation are getting more and more strict, not just from our side but also restrictions and more attention from the municipality. So, here are some of the measures we are taking to keep the children and the teachers safe: 

  • Students use a sanitised mask every day. 
  • The advisor takes back the masks at the end of classes to sanitise them.  
  • Teachers wear their masks all the time and make sure everyone’s being safe. 
  • Plastic shields are available on every desk, covering the student.  
  • Classroom capacity is still eight students per shift. 
  • Classrooms are being cleaned between shifts. 
  • Sanitisers are everywhere and soap in the toilets are always available. 
  • Sick children are always sent to the centre’s doctor and then straight home. 
  • Every week, the classrooms are fully washed. 
  • Break time was minimised into a mini break inside the classroom with a snack. 
  • The double shift classes are still running in our school with two shifts every day for 48 students. 

Teaching Outcomes 

In this very first month of the school, more than 50% of the students enrolled do not know how to read and write. For this reason, we start by teaching the letters and the numbers. Our last trimester’s students were brilliant and had the ability to be in a higher class. 


Lockdown Teaching Techniques 

During this lockdown, the teacher team did not stop giving lessons to the children. Online learning would be impossible due to finances and lack of know-how of the parents. For this reason, and for the first time, worksheets were distributed three times for the children to solve them at home. Either the children came and took them from the school or they were sent through their parent’s WhatsApp messenger. Worksheets were corrected and re-explained the day the students came back to class. 


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