Making the Most of a Very Small Loan

Shambani Village, Kenya

A beneficiary of our soft loan program, Anna is one aggressive businesswoman. She has a small kiosk operating in the middle of Shambani Village and also a motorbike that is hired to ferry milk and people to town and back to the village.

Anna was so uncontrollably happy as she was narrating how her life has become so good. There is no bigger encouragement in life than being in a fruitful labour and knowing that what you are doing is not in vain.

Anna shared of trials and falls that she has encountered in life. She said that this soft loan from GHNI wasn’t the first she received, but the benefits of a previous loan from elsewhere were minimal or none at all. Nobody gave even one minute to teach her how to make the most of a loan or how to grow her business.

Anna discovered that GHNI gives mostly coaching and then small loans. She shared a metaphor:

“GHNI did not just sow seeds on rocks, but they took time to prepare the soil, fertilize it, and make it ready for sowing. The soft loan they offered me was small compared to what I used to get, but the benefits that I have now generated out of it are far more compared to what I got before. I thank God for the GHNI-Kenya team. They have encouraged me and others in the community for true progressive transformation.”