Making our way

Well, we've been hiking 32 days, 334.4 miles total!  That's an average of 10.45 miles per day.  Amazingly, we've only had 6 showers!  Didn't think I could do it!  We are drinking on average 4 liters of water per day. We conquered Maine and now we have 108.3 miles of New Hampshire to complete. We usually take about 25-30,000 steps per day. Although we have seen above 30,000 multiple times!

Our animal sightings haven't been amazing: frogs, snakes, lizards, a moose, birds, but thankfully, no bears yet!

We are currently hiking in the white mountains, where it can be the windiest place in the world, with the worst weather... Please be praying for good weather and good health!

Hope this helps sum up our one month of hiking!  Please know we are incredibly grateful for all of you who have joined our team by donating!  If you haven't joined yet, there's still lots of time!  If you give at least $100 this week (by July 20th), we will send you a $10 REI gift card!  We are so encouraged when we see those financial gifts come in!  (We get an email when you donate, so send a message with your gift!).