Making Progress Despite Health Challenges

Myat Hlae Village, Myanmar


For this month's report, I would like to highlight the progress of the sanitation project in Myat Hlae Village. We had a chance to communicate with our Transformational Community Development (TCD) champion in the village because he had to visit the city to receive the relief funds sent by GHNI. As you know, it is still difficult to travel here due to the current conflict in the area. Most importantly, the effect of COVID-19 has created obstacles to interacting with one another. 


While our champion was in the city, he tried his best to send us a report about his community. As I highlighted here, the report included the sanitation project update, which we hadn’t expected. We are impressed again to see their commitment to building toilets. According to the report, six new toilets had been built a few months ago. The style and condition of the toilets built are excellent. The chief, one of the toilet builders in the report said, “On behalf of the whole village, I am so thankful to GHNI for helping us do good work in the village. We really feel good to have toilets in each household now. This promotes the image of our community in this area.”


They gave their time, contributed their own money, used local resources and they helped one another to accomplish this goal. I think this is a beautiful picture that represents the success of our TCD model. 


Thank you,