Making Room for More Students

Ahumbe Primary School is growing day by day. Some challenges are resulting from the growth. One pronounced challenge is the lack of school infrastructure with no completed buildings or furniture. The six-classroom building that was started last March is still at the foundation stage. Construction of the building could not continue throughout the rainy season because of the excessive downpours experienced this year. The rains are subsiding fast and it is hoped that work will commence in earnest in the next one-to-two weeks.

It is noteworthy that our Transformational Community Worker (TCD) worker, Moses, the Education Committee, and the teachers are not discouraged. Rather than being discouraged, they find means of keeping the school up and running. In the past couple of months, they had to put up additional makeshift thatch roof structures to accommodate more children. The children, crowded in the makeshift classrooms, without proper seats and desks, attend school daily in high spirits with enthusiasm. Transformation begins from the mind indeed!


TCD Update


Water—This quarter had no new activity regarding clean water.

Food—The rainy season usually commences in April when the locals, the majority being subsistent farmers, plant. Throughout the quarter, the villagers are all hands on deck on their farms. They have now commenced harvesting of crops.

Income Generation—At the beginning of the quarter, we kicked off a new Ahumbe Tailoring Center. The classes run two days per week, Mondays and Tuesdays. Twelve women, including Blessing, Lucy, Joy, and Mary, are learning in the center. Anapaina is their trainer.

Education—Work on the primary school building was on hold because of the very heavy rains experienced in Benue State this year. Though there is still rainfall, it has subsided tremendously. They expect to resume by the end of October.

Wellness—Wellness lessons are incorporated into the primary school’s weekly curriculum. This quarter, the emphasis was focused on body and oral hygiene.


Thank you!

GHNI National Field Leader