Making Small Changes to Better the Community

RT Village*, Nepal


This is a report of Transformational Community Development (TCD) movement in RT Village of Makawanpur District of Nepal. In this village, we have done few activities of TCD due to the lockdown of the country because of the threat of COVID-19, but we have played a good role in bringing awareness about COVID-19. 


We have shared prevention tips and information about proper health. Although meeting with people has been limited, when they are in great need, we meet them and help them to care for their health, wash hands, use masks, keep their social distance, and keep a positive mental attitude. Even people who are healthy have been affected by the lockdown, so we are trying to help with some of those problems.


Kitchen Garden: We are teaching self-sufficiency and healthy eating. Most of the families buy vegetables from the market, which usually come from another city. It is costly. Because of the lockdown, everything has been closed. People have land, but they don't grow in kitchen gardens, so we are encouraging them to grow their own food in order to save money and stay safe from COVID-19.


Cleanliness and handwashing with soap and water: Being healthy requires clean living, so we are teaching the community to wash their hands with soap after using the toilet and before eating. This has been helpful in the prevention of COVID-19.


Meeting people personally: We are still meeting with community members to discuss TCD while keeping our distance for safety. 


Income Generation: Although the lockdown has hurt income generation, we are encouraging people to save their seed money in order to have it for emergencies. 


There has been income generation success in the story of Kaamada’s** family. When they joined our Income Generation Programme they did their best and are now seeing success. They are keeping goats and receiving good income. This month they sold their goat and got one lakh, and they also bought a buffalo. It is wonderful to see and hear that he wants to encourage other people to come to TCD Income Generation classes.


Thank you!



*For purposes of security, “RT Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.

** For purposes of security, “Kaamada” is a pseudonym for an individual being helped by this project.