Making Strides Toward a Better Community

Mawa, Indonesia


Residents from Mawa Village are coming off the huge success of bringing a water source into their community for the first time in partnership with GHNI. However, this month the training team was reminded that pressing needs remain glaringly visible among Mawa families. 


The primary source of income for Mawa people is caring for the pigs of owners from outside the village. In order to feed the pigs, they travel to various local markets and collect food scraps. The Transformational Community Development (TCD) team recently witnessed a woman gathering a few of these scraps and washing them for consumption by her family. The economic and hygienic situation in Mawa is still dire. 


The training team is anxious to work with the community to use their new water source to improve their hygiene and begin growing their own vegetables – two things that were nearly impossible before the arrival of a local water source. One step at a time!


Thank you,



GHNI Partner TCD Worker