Making Transformative Progress

North Thailand TCD Expansion, Thailand


Since January, our Thailand Transformation Community Development (TCD) team has been working on translating TCD materials into the Thai language. Progress has been made regarding the decision about beginning a local foundation through which GHNI will have more stable legal footing within the country. Progress has also been made regarding our staff in Thailand obtaining work permits – a necessary step which will allow our team to work more freely and to confidently partner with local government officials. 


GHNI-Thailand staff have been excited to head back into Baan Pongsa and the neighbouring communities, but have been unable to find a time when the village is available, the Man of Peace has a few days off, and when they are able to rent/borrow a car to take up the rough roads. We are thankful this third stipulation will be eliminated once we purchase our own vehicle.  GHNI-Thailand has received a generous gift to purchase a four-wheel drive truck that will allow them to visit the village more frequently! We hope to purchase the vehicle after the COVID-19 quarantine is over.


Staff were scheduled to continue TCD Training of Trainers level 1 (TOT1) training in early March, but a few days before they were to go up, Baan Pongsa (and later the whole province) self-quarantined their entire community from outsiders - even family members who live elsewhere - in an effort to protect themselves from COVID-19. This was a proactive and wise decision as the community has very limited access to sufficient healthcare. In response, GHNI has honoured their decision to not have visitors and has instead been translating COVID-19 TCD lessons to be shared with the community. GHNI staff in Thailand, along with the rest of the country, are now under orders to shelter-in-place at their home but are still communicating with the Man of Peace and attempting to collaborate wherever possible and to prepare for when they are able to continue the work in person.


TCD Update

  • Food -  The community’s food supply is slightly more constrained as a result of limited access to outside markets as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic.
  • Income Generation - The community’s income sources are strained right now as a result of layoffs and limited access to other markets as a result of COVID-19.
  • Education - Schools in the area are closed as a precautionary measure taken to slow the spread of COVID-19.
  • Wellness - The community has isolated themselves out of concern regarding the spread of COVID-19. A small clinic is down the street but is unlikely prepared should an outbreak occur.


Thank you!