Making Use of Time in Armenia

Spitak, Armenia


In the area of Jrashen, Spitak, the community house did not have a toilet for many years. This caused many inconveniences for the villagers. This month, we finished a small Transformational Community Development (TCD) project. The community members got together, used the local resources, and built an outhouse. After digging the ground for the outhouse, the community members came up with another project to use the soil and repair the road to the community house. This was a team effort, engaging many villagers united in a common purpose to serve the community. 


I would like to introduce Samvel and Levon. Every year they go to Russia to work. Yet this year, due to the virus, they had to stay in the village. As GHNI field workers, we encouraged them not to lose heart because of unemployment, but to look around and find resources in their village and create new job opportunities.


They were actively engaged in the projects mentioned above and enjoyed the results when the community appreciated the new outhouse and repaired road. These young men have great potential and we believe they will continue to be instrumental in changing their community for a better future.


Preparation for the “Sewing and Art” Project


Last month, GHNI approved our “Sewing and Art” project proposal. Now we await the funds to launch the project. We have had several meetings with different partners and coworkers to plan for this new, exciting, and valuable project.


Meet Mrs. Sona. She will teach sewing for the project. Sona has 20 years of experience in sewing and designing. She had one son who died in the army when he was 18 years old. Sona has been through a lot, but she has never lost her hope, and she is an encouragement to many. Now she runs her microbusiness, and we believe she will be a good example for the women who participate.


We also had a great meeting with the staff from an NGO that helps people with disabilities. Their director, Anush, has engaged in similar projects before. They shared their experiences with us and gave some valuable advice. Thankfully, they are ready to help and cooperate with us in the future.


Now the whole community looks forward to starting the project!


Thank you!