Making Water Accessible to All

Shambani Village, Kenya

It has been a long road for the Shambani community because they have all been fetching water from one of the main boreholes in the village. Villagers who live far away depended on water from the same borehole and it is very tiresome for them to travel a long way, especially for the older villagers. Without coming to the main borehole, these villagers would remain thirsty.

GHNI has been trying their best to extend the water pipelines to areas farther out in the community so villagers can get water without such a struggle. We have been looking for donors wishing to help the Shambani community and, at long last, got connected with another established and non-governmental organization (NGO), ready to help. Pipes were brought in, and within a short period of time, the water extension process was successful. Villagers are now getting their water without too much struggle.

Mama Rebecca is one of the villagers who are thankful to GHNI for bringing the pipeline closer to her home. She says that the water extension has really helped the community, especially older villagers, get water without getting tired. Shambani villagers are now enjoying water near their homestead instead of having to waste so much time traveling to the main borehole.