Mama Natade, Local Entrepreneur

Shambani Village, Kenya

Only 38 years old and the mother of five children, Mama Natade is the breadwinner in her house. She needs to earn extra funds to provide for her family’s needs, both basic and secondary. Mama Natade is usually a casual laborer, earning low wages, but her hard work both day and night has kept her family running well.


With a microfinance loan, Mama Natade managed to start an extra tea kiosk business in order to at least meet the needs in her house. She shares how she gets up very early in the morning to prepare food and beverages that she will sell at an affordable price to her colleagues during the lunch hour. Many have opted to be her patrons and her business is slowly growing and making much money, compared to the wages they receive. She said that she has a big plan to expand her vision by buying a small plot to develop a hotel in the same place and quit her casual labor job to manage her own business.


She is happy to see her small children leave home for school with a satisfied smile and the one in secondary school lacks nothing.


She is so appreciative to GHNI for remembering the hurting and hidden.