Man Inspired by Family Farm

Family farms have become a great way for Ethiopian villagers to not only feed their families nutritious meals but also bring home income which can help with many of their other needs.  Enjoy this inspiring story about Melecha from our leaders in Ethiopia.


Tuka Village, Ethiopia

“Melecha Dima lives in Tuka Village.  He is 37 years old and married with three children. Melecha is on Tuka’s Food Committe, and he was the first group member when our Transformational Community Development (TCD) coaches starting working in his village several years ago.

“Our GHNI Ethiopia National Field Leader spent some time with him while he was in Tuka a few weeks ago. He asked Melecha how much he has benefitted from TCD activities since GHNI started working in his village. He smiled very big and told our GHNI Leader,

‘Before I started working with the group, life was very hard for me and my family. But now I generate enough income for my family to eat and for my children to all go to school. I have been so motivated by the income that I get with the group, now I am starting our own family farm in our back yard. Last year I got 7,000 Birr from each of my three harvests for a total of 21,000 Birr ($1,100), which is five times what most people in Tuka used to make in a year. I want to expand my back yard now and make even more money for my family!’”