Managing Aid Amid Conflict

MH Village, Myanmar


In this location, fighting between two opposing sides is still ongoing and is threatening the security of the villagers. The instability and the coronavirus have led to hardships for the villagers because they cannot go out to work and they cannot even do their farming. Our organisation has been providing humanitarian on a quarterly basis to combat the number of food insecure families, which has been increasing over time. The lack of basic human needs, such as food and security, has been the main barrier to proceeding with development projects in the community. However, we are impressed to see the capacity the Transformational Community Development (TCD) committee leaders have to manage aid in an effective way for all of the households in the village.


One of the village TCD committee leaders said, “We are thankful to GHNI for your continued support of rice. The villagers are so happy whenever they receive their share and this is the only source of aid they receive on a regular basis. They confess that GHNI is a true friend for our community and so faithful to us. Because we do not know how long this situation may last, we will continue to need help for food. However, we do not want to always depend on aid; instead, TCD committee leaders want to lead the villagers toward doing something to provide ourselves for the near future. We do not know what to do, yet. So, we need technical help from GHNI in order to generate new practical ideas for livelihood … The committee has delivered rice, masks, and COVID-19 prevention flyers to the villagers. They are so happy about that. Thank you so much for your love and care.”


Thank you,