Manal’s Holiday Wish: Food and Shelter for Her Children

By, Hashim Zakiullah

“My one holiday wish is for a better way to provide food and a roof for my children.” -Manal*, Jordan

More than four million people have fled Syria since 2011. Many, like Manal and her children, have lost their homes and property, and now live in refugee camps across the border in neighboring countries. The same has happened to thousands of people from Iraq, who left homes and jobs behind, and became refugees to escape the violence in their country.

As long as the conflict goes on, there will always be people who need help. Jordan currently hosts close to a million refugees from Syria, and almost 30,000 from Iraq. This has stretched the resources of a country already under economic pressure

Lack of food has always been a problem, and some refugees have had to take shelter in abandoned buildings. Most live together in crowded conditions. NGOs like the UN and GHNI have provided aid packages to the refugees, but since the conflict has gone for so long, this is getting harder. Also, food and shelter are not the only things the refugees need. The difficult experiences they went through as they left are not easy to deal with either.

“We listen to them,” says Jamal, a GHNI regional Field Leader, “They are touched by our personal care.”

With all the problems facing refugees in Jordan, the most important way to help refugees like Manal is by helping them access the tools they need to start building their lives again. These tools could be basics, like food and medicine, or more involved, like help with construction. But many times, people like Manal’s family need only a little help to start again.

An example was a man called Abu Nafit and his wife. One day, several ladies who volunteer for GHNI went to visit Abu Nafit’s wife, to talk and spend some time together. They learned that Abu Nafit’s wife loved to draw. The next time they visited, they brought art supplies for her. After this, Rami, one of GHNI’s assistant Regional Field Leaders, took some of her drawings to the US and sold them for her.

Manal’s holiday wish could come true if, like Abu Nafit’s wife, she was able to get access to basic supplies and necessities she needed to get going. Will you help her holiday wish come true by donating a relief kit to get her started?



*Manal is a representation of Syrian refugees in Jordan.