Many Visits Help Momentum

Chainpur Village, Nepal


This quarter, we formed two new Income Generation groups. There are five persons in one group to which the Transformational Community Development (TCD) programme has provided Seed Money. We will provide Seed Money to the other group soon. The villagers like the Income Generation programme very much and like being involved in our TCD programme. Goat keeping, buffalo keeping, and poultry businesses have been started among the village people after the TCD training. I did compulsory group meetings with the TCD Committee once a month to discuss the TCD work plan. Many times, I met with the Income Generation team and TCD members and families from the village. In TCD, we don’t have a budget to help the community with relief, but we provide small loans to start businesses. Because of this kind of TCD education, villagers are really being changed and transformed. 


Now, they have a good relationship with the political leader and local government officers. In unity, the villagers went to the Rural Municipality Office and they provided us with an electric pole so that we can repair our electric light in the village, which was hit by wind and badly damaged. Not only this, there is road development also going on with the help of local government projects. The TCD family is being active in the community transformation and all is happening well.


This month, we did bee-keeping lessons and practical training. Many villagers had not heard of or seen bee farming. But after the class they knew it well. TCD has started a childcare centre to help with the village children’s Education. In this centre, we provide one packet for breakfast for every child on school days.  


Mr. Utsarg’s* Success Story

This is the story of Mr Utsarg who lives in the Chainapur Village of Raksirang rural municipality of Makawanpur district. He belongs to the Chepang tribes and is from a very poor family in the community. He has five family members and he is the head of the family. His life was very difficult and he suffered from many kinds of problems. He had no education and knowledge. He did not show good responsibility towards his family. He used to drink alcohol and slap his wife badly. The family's financial status was bad and had no income sources. His wife and children used to be afraid of him. 


It all changed when we started the TCD programme in the village: he attended the TCD lessons and I started to meet and coach him. The TCD lessons have surprisingly changed him. The main thing is that he quit drinking alcohol. Now, he loves his wife and children. He and his family's health are good now. He has applied the teaching of TCD in his life. When he and his family continued to come to TCD meetings and classes, they learnt about Wellness, Water, Food, Education, and Income Generation. Then with the help of TCD Seed Money and inspiration, Utsarg started the local food café. He is doing his job well and continues to make a good income. He can save money and help his family and children. He became successful in his life because of TCD. Now his whole family is happy and all credit goes to the GHNI TCD programme. 


Thank you!




*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Utsarg" is a pseudonym for the individual involved with this project.