Marriage Snack Contract a Success

Jatapara Village, India


This month before lockdown, we discussed with the women of the group regarding the sources of income for the month of March, April and May, as selling nankeens and sev packets do not increase income quickly. In the meeting we concluded to move forward making packets of snacks for marriage and other functions of the village and neighbouring areas, as the next three to four months are the season of weddings in this area.


There was an engagement ceremony to be held in the village and the women of the group contacted the family and offered to provide them high quality snacks for a more affordable budget. The family was convinced and agreed to give the contract of snacks to them. Since it was their first contract, we worked together. There were three women assigned to cooking and we made puris and bundiyas and packed them in packets for the event. The guests liked the snacks very much. In this way these women earned 1,000 rupees from their first contract.


On March 24th, the government of India declared a complete lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All work has stopped, but there are still crowds of drunken people in the local liquor shop. Many women are even selling liquor in the open and not taking the lockdown seriously. So we along with the youth and Pradhan of the village decided not to allow people to crowd together as the government has ordered complete lockdown. We asked them to stay at home and cooperate with the government. We also put a poster at the entrance of the village saying "Strangers Not Allowed". Many people were against it and asked to remove the poster. They said there is no such thing as a virus and that nothing is going to happen in the village. We explained to them about the COVID-19 virus and how it spreads and why the government has ordered lockdown, but they were not convinced as most of them were alcoholics and liquor sellers.


We are still trying to convince them and spreading awareness among the people. We are also teaching them about cleanliness and how the virus can be prevented.


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update

  • Water - We are using the hand pump.
  • Food - Vegetables are only consumed on some days.
  • Income Generation - Villagers used to sell snacks and earn money but now due to lockdown we can’t sell any fast food items.
  • Education - Students are studying in their homes.
  • Wellness - People are looking healthy.


Thank you!