Maximizing the Dry Season with Adult Education

Dogon Gada Village, Nigeria

The months of February, March and early April are usually devoid of farming activities in virtually all the Northern parts of Nigeria. These months separate the last farming season from the next one. Being predominantly farmers, village populace await the onset of another rainy season during this period.

In Dogon Gada Village and its cluster, it is very obvious that the peoples’ mind-set and worldview has undergone a transformation, to the extent that these traditional farmers have given themselves to the Adult Literacy School. They are hungry for knowledge, so they maximize the dry season by giving themselves to learning.

Being crusaders of transformation, Martins and Shade visit the village to teach from time to time. They have also taken it upon themselves to send people from Sokoto City to the village to teach various subjects in the Adult Literacy School.  Florence and Lydia went to Dogon Gada from Sokoto to teach in February. It is so interesting that people who were stark illiterates, until the recent past, now like to respond in the English language, even when spoken to in Hausa language.

Dividends of Transformational Community Development!


GHNI National Field Leader, Nigeria