Maximizing Use, Minimizing Problems

Ezbit el Amir Village, Egypt

We visited every woman who had taken a sewing machine. In the framework of the project evaluation, after one year, we found that some women benefited greatly from the sewing machine. Their income increased as a result of their work using the sewing machine.

Also, some of the ladies were faltering. We taught them to use the machine in a good way and encouraged them to improve, or we would shortly offer the machine to another. Some of them were in need of some help in buying some fabrics; we bought them the fabric to help them continue tailoring.

We plan to continue monthly follow-up as we work toward the goals and success of the project, while minimizing some of the problems like regular maintenance of machinery. We are tracking their monthly progress, and encouraging them to maximize the use of their sewing machine.


GHNI National Field Leader, Egypt