Medical Fund Surges

Jatapara Village, India


Mango plantation work, which was started in August, continued into September as well. Mangoes have been planted over an area of four acres. Drains are also being cut around the area. So far three acres have been done, while the remaining acre is expected to be completed in the first week of October. New leaves have started to grow on the saplings and they grab the attention of the villagers.


In the month of June, people were encouraged to cultivate pigeon peas in their fields. Ten families were convinced and cultivated them. Now the crops have grown well, and those ten families are quite satisfied with the results.


Through Transformational Community Development (TCD) people were trained to keep and store their paddy seeds and improve their productivity. This June most of the farmers grew paddy from their own seeds and the crops have grown well. They have started budding and the farmers are happy with the productivity. Now they are no longer dependent on seed dealers! Nearby villages are quite impressed with this idea and are trying to gain knowledge about it from the farmers of Jatapara.


Awareness about the welfare fund is being spread among the people. This fund was initiated to withstand health problems among the people. To become a member of the welfare fund, a family needs to deposit a certain fixed amount monthly. If a member of the family faces any health issue, they receive welfare funds for the treatment. They don’t have to return this amount, but if none of the family members fall sick, they are not given the fund. This welfare fund is a great change in the village. It shows unity and brotherhood among the people.


The government is supplying water in Jatapara village, and villagers are eating homemade food. Many elderly people and widows do not receive old-age and widow pensions provided by the government. So, we helped these people with applying for these benefits. We have helped them from village level to district level. Students are doing online classes. Overall, villagers are doing well. No serious issues have been recorded.


Thank you!