Medical Supplies Distributed During Outbreak

Paletwa TCD Expansion, Myanmar


During an incredibly difficult season for their country, villagers in the Paletwa Transformational Community Development (TCD) Expansion continue to work to improve their lives.


This quarter, our team continued to coach the villagers from a distance. The Delta variant of COVID-19 reached the community this quarter, infecting nearly everyone in the village over a period of six weeks. Our team responded by sending funds for supportive medical supplies during the initial stage of the outbreak. They also sent nutrition packages once the outbreak had subsided, to help the members of the community recover from the impact of the illness. Out of about 400 villagers, only two passed away. This can be compared to a rate of over 3% reported by the current government.  Sadly, one person who was lost was a participant in our TCD training. She will be missed when the team is able to return.


In the first quarter of this year, they paved their village road. A neighbouring village took notice and has now paved their road as well. In addition, they have started a village clean-up programme. We see this time and again – one community takes initiative and neighbouring villages follow suit when they see the benefits. The chief of this community has a vision for his village to develop well. When we are able, we are so excited to be able to work with this community as well, and support the efforts of our local champion to impact not only her community, but also those in the surrounding area.

Recently, the village held some self-assessment meetings and determined a major issue they face is lack of income. This quarter, our team will be working with the community via Zoom to determine next steps. We will offer micro-enterprise training that focusses on the use of local resources and assets to encourage the development of the local economy.


TCD Update

  • Food – We sent food relief following the COVID-19 outbreak in the village.
  • Income Generation – The community has identified this as their next major need. Our team is proposing some options for training and business development in the community.
  • Wellness – We sent relief in the form of medical supplies during the COVID-19 outbreak. Two of the 400 villagers passed away, a much lower death rate (0.5%) than the rest of the country (3.7%-7.1% reported).


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