Medical Team is on the Way!

Naki Ouest Village Cluster, Togo

Many in Northern Togo suffer from goiter disease, albeit some are not indigenes and residents of Blamonga and Tanloanga Villages. Help is around the corner to relieve them of the stigmatizing symptoms of the disease and its other debilitating health consequences. As part of the activities for this quarter, we propose to hold a medical clinic in Dapaong in March, where free surgeries will be offered to about eighty villagers suffering from goiter. Blamonga and Tanloanga indigenes/residents are certainly on the priority list. Health seminars will run concurrently to educate the locals on causes and prevention of goiter disease and other diseases prevalent in the region.


Our Nigerian medical team (a ten-person team) consisting of surgeons, physicians, nurses, and anesthetists led by doctors Michael and Olusegun all have their hands on deck preparing for the trip to Dapaong in about a month’s time. Our Transformational Community Development (TCD) team, led by Martins Atanda, is also busy raising funds, planning transportation and logistics, and setting up catering services for the duration of the medical clinics. We are hoping that the Nigerian medical team will be joined by a few Togolese medical personnel to make the project a reality. The latter team, as well as the Togo TCD team, in the meantime, have also gotten busy with paperwork for government approvals and other things that need to be done ahead of the arrival of the Nigerian team for the conducting of the surgeries in Dapaong.


We are excited about this project for two main reasons: first, because help is on the way to scores of villagers, and second, we view it as a sign of development. Africans are taking initiative to help fellow Africans, breaking from the past that is characterised by total dependence on the West for personnel and funding. We are much more excited that TCD and its indefatigable champions are the catalysts in this process.


GHNI National Field Leader