Medicines and Multivitamins Needed

House of Ruth, Jordan


General Clinic


This month, our doctor has received 31 patients; 7 were Syrians, the rest of the patients were Jordanians from the village of Ma'in. Due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Jordan, people are being very worried and concerned, trying to be careful. Therefore, fewer people are coming to the clinic, so our team goes once a week to the centre for the time being.

Most of the patients who visited the clinic were our regular monthly patients. There are no special cases. One challenge our doctor is facing is lack of resources. Therefore, he is not able to provide all the needed medications and multivitamins for both adults and children. Before the COVID-19 crisis, some of our friends and Short Term Teams used to provide some vitamins to the poor children. The Syrian refugees who live in Madaba are living in bad and hard conditions. Sadly, they do not get that much attention or support. 


Computer Class


This month, our students have completed all the lessons in the Microsoft Word programme and, amazingly, everyone was able to use the computer very well, even the ones who weren't as good as the rest. These lessons are meant to enable our students to use the computer, to teach them new skills and to help them improve, especially those who go to school and take a computer class. It is now easier for them to pass their computer tests. In fact, we never thought it was possible to give computer lessons normally like before because of the coronavirus situation and restrictions, but the students were eager to learn. They have shown great effort over the past four months despite the difficult current situation with COVID-19. The students are wearing their face masks and keeping the proper social distance. The teacher is very happy and proud of the excitement and commitment of his students going through these challenging times together. When this course will be finished, we will start another one with new students.  


Sewing Class


Our sewing teacher has started a new sewing training course for the coming three months. The training is for a small group, and it is once a week for two hours. All the participants are Jordanians. All three women participating come from big families. They want to learn in order to be able to work and help their families as they have a tight financial condition. The teacher started with an introduction of the sewing machine, its parts, tools and how to make it ready for use, as well as how to draw on the pattern.

Dental Clinic


The total number of patients who visited and were treated by our dental clinic for this month was 10. The cases were as follows: one extraction, two fillings, one periodontal treatment, and six check-ups and referrals. A 37-year-old Jordanian man named Hassan came to our clinic asking for help, as he couldn’t afford to visit a private clinic to get the needed treatment. Our dentist has done multiple dental procedures for him. After finishing the treatment, the man was very happy and said,  “You are not offering your services to get back a return. Thank you for what you are doing”.

Thank you,



GHNI Assistant National Field Leader