Mending Lives of Families

Hanoi Rehab Centre, Vietnam


Beginning as a child who has been hurt by a broken family and falling into gambling and addiction, this  young man has been changed. His life is positively influencing thousands of people, including the young and the old, as well as those who have never been educated and the highly educated. He is *Chinh, and he is currently serving as the head of Nguon Phuoc’s educational board.


We had an opportunity to learn more about Chinh’s life. We know that his family broke down when he was only two years old. His father left the family, leaving Chinh with many injuries and losses. Lacking the love and concern of the family, he rushed into the round of social evils, from gambling addiction to drug addiction with no way out. In 2006, he was jailed for 30 months for possession and use of illegal drugs. His mother painfully looked at her son sitting in prison. Finally, she decided to use up all the assets she had to place her son in a detox center. She hoped her son would be transformed and his life would be different. A ray of hope glimmered. Chinh’s mother patiently persevered, accompanying her son on the journey for three years. He was released many times, relapsed, and then returned again. In 2013, Chinh was completely released from drugs. He decided to dedicate himself to serving rehab centres full time from 2013 until now. Chinh shared that, since he was an addict, he understood and sympathised with other addicted brothers and their beloved mothers, wives, and children. He always sought every way to help those broken families to be mended together to live a happier and better life.


Through the education channel, Chinh was trained in Transformational Community Development (TCD) and now he is the main trainer of Nguon Phuoc training team. He brings the TCD programme knowledge of community transformation to branches A, B, C, and D of the Nguon Phuoc organisation. As a result, many new people equipped with new TCD knowledge will be willing to step out of the detox center's door, build their own lives, and take care of their families, such as their spouse, parents, and children. After being trained in the TCD programme, as the leader Chinh had two wishes. First, he wanted to train many people to become TCD trainers in the system. Through that training, the TCD programme will be multiplied in many different places and localities. Second, he desires to promote and apply the TCD principles to the communities that the centres and organisation are influencing. For example, the H'Mong community in Son La have successfully applied the method of using community resources to build community centres, and they are continuing to work towards making clean water sources for the local people.


Thank you!


Tran Trung
GHNI Partner TCD Worker

*For the pourpose of safety and wellbeing, "Chinh" is a psudonym for the individual being helped by this project.