Micro-Business Training Requested

MH Village*, Myanmar


Myanmar has been in a critical situation in terms of political and health issues. The infection of the Delta-variant of COVID-19 has become a huge challenge for the people across the country. Many lives have been lost as a result of a breakdown in the healthcare system. The trouble is unending for now. However, we are glad to hear that some households are able to resume their farm work. As it is the planting season, they worked their farm and planted vegetables and other plants again. But, in some places, it is still risky to work the field due to the land mines.


The Transformational Community Development (TCD) Committee in MH village is actively protecting its villagers from the infection of COVID-19. They raised public awareness on the importance of wearing masks. Everyone restarted wearing masks as soon as they noticed one or two villagers who lost their sense of smell, taste, and were coughing. They avoided gathering and home visits. 


Moreover, they initiated the conversation again this month on the possibility of micro-business training after six months of delay due to the Coup and the coronavirus. The community has experienced lots of hardship because of the economic collapse, transportation block outs, and COVID-19 restrictions. The grocery prices have been dramatically high and the village market has been shut down. A few months ago, they also encountered animal disease and their livestock died. Those situations have led the Committee to consider potential micro-business training in the expectation that they may find out options together to generate family income. Although this is a challenging time, we are excited to start the training virtually and it may benefit the community as they prepare for their rehabilitation process.


Thank you!




*For the purposes of safety, “MH Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.