Micro-Loans Help Thilagawathy’s Family

Things are looking up for Sri Lankan families, according to a recent update from GHNI-Sri Lanka. Following the decision of the villagers to begin a micro-loan program, one family is already beginning to reap great benefits, as told by our field workers.

Nallathanniya Village, Sri Lanka

“We met with all the villagers who received micro-loans. All of them have started their small industries and have made their first loan payments promptly. The villagers are happy with the arrangements and looking forward to future loans when requirements are met. They are happier, associating with each other in a more friendly way and their togetherness and participation are growing.

“We visited the home of 32-year-old Thilagawathy and her two boys, 12 and 10 years. The eldest is in 6th grade, the second in 5th grade. She tells us that family life was very difficult as she and her husband were unable to provide food for the children and necessary funds for their education. She is a tea picker and her husband was an estate worker.

“As both salaries were insufficient to keep the home fires burning, her husband decided to go to the city of Colombo to earn a better salary. She let him go with the greatest reluctance, but said the boys are growing in age and more requirements and money are needed. She also took a loan to improve a home-made garments cottage project to bring in the additional needed money. She tells us business is good and improving. She was proud to show us the products that are now on sale at her residence.

“On a happy note she tells us all her hard work has produced results. Her son was one of the four primary school children of the Nallathanniya village who passed his scholarship examination.

“She did not forget to thank the GHNI organization and the Hawaii team for their continuous help towards the village making their dream a reality. She also tells us that she is in Block No.3 and awaiting the water supply to her block, as many are hoping that this project will be completed soon.”