Microbusiness, Camps, and Courses Benefit Villagers

Spitak, Armenia


This month, the women have actively run their microbusiness. The tailors’ shop opened and they mend clothing, make bedding sets, and curtains. The shop is an old shipping container, which has not been used for a long time. They cleaned it, put in a new floor and some furniture. They did it with their own resources without going over budget. It is encouraging that they are learning to use the resources on hand rather than waiting for others to invest. 


Narina is a talented and motivated woman from the village Jrashen. She is a dreamer and Narina believes that one day she can have her own business and can create jobs for the villagers. 


Summer Camps for Children

This month there was a day camp for 120 children in Jrashen for five days in the community centre. During the camp, the children had short educational sessions, dances, and games. In the afternoon, they had some snacks. This was a big event for the children and they greatly enjoyed it, as the children in Jrashen do not have many things to do in summer. We plan to have another camp in August in a very remote village near Spitak where children have even fewer opportunities. 


The Parenting Course

We are happy to announce that we have finished teaching the Parenting Course successfully. There were twelve parents taking part in the programme. The course was an excellent opportunity for the parents to study, share ideas, and learn from each other’s experiences. During these nine weeks, they became good friends and started to cooperate more as community members. 


We were all encouraged to see the participants coming every week with their pens and papers, making notes, and learning. It was amazing to see them grow in wisdom and knowledge. They were all there to learn and become better parents for their children. 


Arpi has three children; two of them are teenagers. She attended the course and, by the end of it, said that she had become more patient with her children and spent more time listening to them. Her relationship with her children has improved.  


Dear friends, thank you for all your support. We have an upcoming children’s camp in a remote area. We need $400 for 5 days for 100 children. Could you help the children?


Thank you!


Tamara & Sam