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March 8 is International Women's Day

It's no secret that there is a global disparity between opportunities for women and men. Women in developing nations, or in areas of extreme poverty, are particularly vulnerable to the gender gap. 

This Friday is International Women's Day, and the theme this year is "Balance for Better." The statistics below illustrate the imbalance we see in some countries today. But at GHNI, we're hopeful that someday soon, we'll see a balance for women and men in opportunity, education, income, and security. 


Preparing for Winter

Goat Loan Program, Jordan


In December, the goat-hosting families are preparing for the winter and covering the goats’ houses to protect them from the rain and the cold weather. Meanwhile, they also will take the goats to have their vaccinations.


Thank you!



GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader



A Resilient Family Overcomes Great Challenges

Refugees in Jordan


Yemeni Refugees in Jordan


In December, we did home visits with the Yemeni refugees. This is the story of one of the families we have visited.


Holiday Celebrations Build Relationships

Refugee Families in Lebanon


It's the holiday season while the war is still going on. The only positive thing about it is that we get to give these children a special experience of how we celebrate it and fill their hearts with joy.


Christmas is an amazing opportunity to build relationships with them and have a transforming effect on their ideologies and culture and draw us closer together.



Event in Colorado: Learn How to Use TCD

If you are interested in humanitarian or mission work, helping impoverished communities transform themselves from hopeless to prosperous...

Then join us at the Transformational Community Development (TCD) Training, Jan. 25-27, 2019 in Colorado Springs!

TCD is a low cost, low tech model to train poor villages to become hope-filled, self-sustaining villages.

TCD is a method of development that teaches a community to:

Hope for Women Through Literacy

Refugees in Lebanon


The ladies' program at the House of Sarah is fighting and tackling illiteracy. We are aiming to empower these ladies with skills that will change their lives and their community!


Spreading the Wealth to Other Families

Goat Loan Program, Jordan


This month, Um Salem has a newborn baby goat. The family was so happy, and they are excited to receive more babies from the ten pregnant goats. The family’s income is getting better. We are going to expand the Goat Loan Program by giving some of the newborn goats to another family and start this project with them.


GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader


Perseverance in the Face of Tragedy

Refugees in Jordan


Families Adopting Families


*Nono is an elderly lady from Bagdad, Iraq who lives with her daughter and son. In 2016, a bomb exploded beside their house and, consequently, her son was killed, and her house was destroyed. Because of this, the family decided to flee to Duhok, Iraq and stayed there for a month at her daughter’s house. When their papers were approved, they left Iraq for Jordan.


Helping Families Support Themselves

Vocational Training Program, Jordan


*Ranim is from a village named Jobar in Syria. She is married and has three daughters and one son.  When the war in Syria became increasingly violent and the frequency of bombings multiplied, Ranim and her husband feared for their family’s safety and livelihood so, in 2013, the family fled Syria and came to Jordan. They registered as refugees with the UNHCR and finally began their lives here.