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Overcome Obstacles

Yazidi IDPs, Lebanon/Iraq


September 9 Log


I am leaving for Lebanon and N. Iraq today. These families have been victims of extreme and unspeakable violence, forced to live for years in harsh and impoverished conditions in tents, tarp homes, old abandoned factories, and the like. They have lost homes, farms, businesses, and beyond material things, they suffered the loss of family and friends who were taken or killed.


October 11 is International Day of Girls

Global Hope Network's mission to bring help and hope to the hidden and hurting. In many places around the world, the hidden and hurting are women and girls. It is common to see vast disparities in men and women's access to resources and sources of income, which can make it even more difficult for women to get out of poverty.


What's for Dinner?

Do you have plans for dinner tonight? Chances are, the only part of you plan that hasn't been settled is what you'll be eating — but you don't need to be concerned about whether you'll be eating at all. 


For many people around the world, the main question is the opposite. They might not know whether they'll be able to eat tonight.


Clinic Provides Hope, Plus Health Care

Refugees in Jordan


Syrian Refugees in Jordan


The clinic has received about 20 Syrian patients. We received two infertile ladies, but our medical staff couldn’t do much for them medically. They did support them emotionally and encouraged them to always have hope. Our doctor has a good relationship with them now and always follows up with them by calling and asking how they are doing and sharing some advice.

A New Doctor in Town

House of Ruth, Jordan


Clinic Update


A Family Affair

Progressing Toward TCD in Iraq

After four years of exile, the Yazidi people still cannot return home. The physical barriers in their hometowns are no running/clean water, limited electricity, most of their homes were destroyed, leftover mines and booby traps, and hostile neighbors who still live there.

Helping Others to Heal and Flourish

Refugees in Jordan


Families Adopting Families