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Unschooled Boys Thinking Out of the Box

Goat Loan Program, Jordan

In Mufaradat, we met a boy named Khalid. He is the son of one of the goat-hosting families. Our staff member Salah, who is following up with the families, has been gathering the young men lately to talk and hear from them. The purpose of these gatherings is to expand their way of thinking and restore their appetite to dream again.

Young Women Find Purpose

*10th Leper Village, Holy Land

This past month, when we taught the young female group the River’s Story lesson, they were very excited and understood the concept of this story. They were encouraged and motivated to change their community. Our plan for the coming month is to develop a new committee from the Community Development Education (CDE) training among this young female group. We are hoping to find a woman to lead in this task.

Goats Lessen Great Needs

Goat Loan Program, Jordan

The Goat Loan Program is still assisting with help to the hosting families, as well as continuing to build bridges of relationship to share hope with them.

Um Ali of Salt is still doing a good job with the 12 goats she has. She is taking very good care of them, and during this period of time, 10 new baby goats were born. She shared with us some milk and yogurt to taste the production of these goats.

Refugee Families’ Stories Bring Hope

Refugee Families in Jordan

Families Adopting Families – Iraqi Refugee Families

The Iraqi refugees program, Families Adopting Families (FAF), has been a blessing and a great help to all those who have been in this program. The needs are still great and absolutely overwhelming to our staff at this stage. Few families have started to return to Irbil because there is no change in their situation.

TCD Teaches a Greater Purpose

Two Are Better Than One!

*O-Town, Turkey

“Do you enter this union of your own free will? Can you confirm that no one is forcing you? Do you want to take this woman as your equal [the Turkish word is “eş”]?”  

Water, Health, and Kid’s Camp for Refugees

Refugee Families in Lebanon

There are many Syrian camps in different sizes and in different areas. The Syrian refugees’ number has arrived to be over 2 million. In one of the camps, we dug a well to provide the camp members with clean water to drink and cook with. The water may be used directly from the well and doesn’t need any filter or anything. Also, this well is to be used to irrigate crops. The refugees are benefiting from the water, as well as from the crop production of the nearby land.

Recounting His Life of Suffering

Goat Loan Program, Jordan

My time spent in Dafyeaneh is always such a great time for me. Yes, I go there to check the goats and gather the updates, but it’s a privilege to spend some time with the hosting families, visiting their homes (Jordanian & Syrian), and listening to their life stories.

Ready for Creativity and Productivity

House of Ruth, Jordan

Meet Hiba, a young married woman who has two children and a bachelor degree in psychology. One child goes to school, and her husband works in the military. This young lady joined the center because she wants to help her family have a better life. She wants to be productive.