Blog: The Middle East

A Little More Understanding

*O-Town, Turkey

For a while now, Dr K, our key leader in Turkey, has been ill with a very serious blood disorder. We are happy to report good news about his condition!

Center of Activity

House of Ruth, Jordan

Some local ladies are willing to come once a week and make handmade crafts to be sold as a production of this center and a source of income for them. They are very excited to proceed with this project and that they will be doing something to help their families.

We have found some ladies to run the accessories project and hope to find teachers to run the classes. It is our dream to continue running these programs and make this center active.

Practical Help

Vocational Training Program, Jordan

Nimar is our man of peace in Mafraq. He is a Jordanian and came to us asking for help. By loaning him 500 JOD (about $500) to buy a sewing machine, he will be able to start a small project on his own. This is such a good development and improvement in spreading hope in a way this man understands.


Remaining Faithful to the Displaced

Refugee Families in Jordan

We did a Transformational Community Development (TCD) focus on health education in the Syrian refugee camp. A dentist with us taught the children how and why they need to brush their teeth. Old and young were listening.

Raising My Children with Love

**10th Leper Village, Holy Land

As I write this, I am very encouraged by the work already done in our training for women and families, and the fact that word has spread quickly. It changes their lives, and they are keen on sharing it with others. Here is a story from the meetings, when a woman named *Eim shared about dealing with her children:

A Look Inside: Victims of War

Below is an update from Mike Parks, Disaster Relief Director at GHNI, who recently visited refugees fleeing violence in the Middle East.

It was a busy day visiting refugee and IDPs. One camp was a mix of Syrians, Yazidis and Christians - three locations where Yazidi families have settled, and one camp of Christians (set up on the land of Orthodox churches)

Desperately Seeking Sanctuary

Disaster Relief, Syria

Now in a fourth year of war, the conflict in Syria worsens with the growing strength of violent groups. As they continue to terrorize the citizens of many villages across Syria and Iraq, the flow of refugees grows as they seek sanctuary in some place, any place, where violent groups have less influence.

Crafting Their Own Means of Support

It’s exciting news when villagers who were once living in extreme poverty are able to support themselves. It is even more exciting when they can also support opportunities which help others in their community. That is what is happening at the House of Ruth, according to GHNI Jordan’s National Leader, Rami Hanna.


Helping the Ambitious Move Forward

Goat Loan Program, Jordan

Since the contract with our goat-hosting family came to its end, we were looking for a new hosting family last month. Gladly, we found some families in another area who are in need and moved the goats over to them. We are happy to be part of developing and empowering another family.