Blog: The Middle East

Building Bridges through Goat Program

Goat Loan Program, Jordan

This project is being a blessing to all the hosting families in the past years. It gives us the chance to build bridges with village people who are unreachable by many.

Unfortunately, we had four goats die in Dafeaneh, 2 goats died in Jilaed-Salt, and 5 died in Ma’in. The good news is there are seven newborn goats in Ma’in, nine new goats in Jilaed-Salt (five males and four females), and Dafeana has one pregnant goat and two newborn goats.

Community Center is Open

House of Ruth, Jordan

House of Ruth has been fully activated from the beginning of this year. We believe, step-by-step, this house will be full of people and activity. Around seven ladies of different ages gather once a week, making different kinds of handmade accessories. This project helps these ladies generate income in order to provide for their families and/or themselves.

One Book Made All the Difference

Vocational Training Program, Jordan

Moses Overcomes for Business Administration Degree

Small Projects to Meet Great Needs

Refugee Families in Jordan

The numbers of Syrian families who are in Jordan at the moment are huge, and their situation is sad and heart breaking. They have been waiting and waiting, and nothing is changing. They are lost in the middle. Even large NGOs are unable to cover their huge number.

Changed Life

**10th Leper Village, Holy Land

Mary, a foreign volunteer, came to stay in a village and teach English. She was very busy, as she was teaching every day from 10 am to 5 pm, three different groups of people totaling forty-six people over three weeks, consecutively. Can you imagine? She was really tired, but also very happy and grateful for this experience. Not only was she teaching the villagers English, she also lived in the village to share her life with them, and they with her.

Witnessing Terror

Syria-Iraq Disaster Relief

We have finished day six. One of our activities has been recording videos to tell the stories of the people who fled the terror of violence.

Good News for Dr. K!

O-Town, Turkey

This is the big news that many of us have been waiting on for many years. As you know, last year Dr K was faced with life-threatening medical conditions. Although the crisis has passed, it was determined that he has a chronic blood disorder that could eventually cause quality-of-life issues and possibly shorten his days on earth. Understandably, this diagnosis shook Dr K, causing him many tough days and to examine his life. Thankfully, he doesn’t have to walk this path alone.

Bringing Help, Just In Time!

Refugee Families in Jordan

This family we met long time ago are good friends to us now. Many great things happened with this family that we are definitely thankful for.

At the end of 2014, we were with a team, divided into groups going on visits. One day I got overwhelmed, bored, and got this sense to stop what I was doing and to go visit Abu Nafit and his family, to sit there with them and drink a cup of Syrian tea. And that is what we actually did when we arrived there.

Building Relationships through Goat Farming

Goat Loan Program, Jordan

This month we were visited by some friends from the United States who joined us on our visit to Mofaradat. They were so happy to meet all the ladies who host the goats, and they filmed the goats to help promote getting some support for this family and the project in general. This month was very cold, also, which unfortunately caused us to lose one goat.