Blog: The Middle East

A Helping Hand

It’s always inspiring to hear about the growth happening in the House of Ruth, a community center serving a cluster of villages in rural Jordan. In their latest update, the GHNI-Jordan team shares how even the students have been inspired by our presence!

House of Ruth, Jordan

“With the multiple English classes running, seeing progress through students’ ability to speak and read has been refreshing. We are excited to have a newly equipped classroom and the students are excited as well.

Not Waiting for Spring Thaw

Dr K is a valued part of our GHNI team in Turkey with a huge heart to use his skills as a doctor to help his fellow Turkish people. Even more, he goes to great lengths to make sure they receive the help they need despite the winds of change in the nation’s temporal and political climate.

Comforting a Grieving Nation

From the desk of Mike Parks, GHNI’s Director of Disaster Relief

Syrian women have grieved often for the sons and husbands who have been killed in the fighting or executed by forces on either side of the conflict. These women weep not only for their lost sons, but they weep for themselves and their daughters, too.

They fled in search of safety and shelter, but now they find themselves exposed to exploitation. This happens in dusty refugee camps in Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon or overcrowded apartments in cities where the numbers of refugees grows every day.

Seeking Hope and Healing for Heart and Country

From the desk of Jamal Hashweh, Regional Field Leader of the Middle East--

Refugee Families in Jordan

Marking progress with the Syrian crisis is like counting water droplets in a thunderstorm. The work is never ending and the problems remain. Winter was a time of giving out heaters, jackets, and blankets. We are trying to help stabilize the lives of the families, as they will be here for a long time.

Can We Help Relieve Syria’s Deep Sorrow?

Our disaster relief team is working hard to help Syrians displaced within the borders of their own country. Mike Parks, GHNI’s Director of Disaster Relief, shares the following realities with us:

The harsh and complex civil war in Syria continues. Even as there are talks going on in Geneva, millions of Syrians are suffering and a nation is being torn apart at its foundation.

A Father for Syria's Families

Refugee Families in Jordan

A father of six children, Fathi* and his family are among many Syrians who have fled to survive the ongoing danger, no longer able to generate income in the war-torn land. He was always a hard worker and ached to provide for his children, so they entered Jordan. So many others like him with the same idea had already begun to take a toll on the Jordanian economy, so we knew GHNI needed to get involved, but how?

Urgent Appeal from the President of GHNI

Dear Friends,

This is Hal Jones, President of GHNI. I just returned from another week in Jordan and meetings with our partners and friends in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan. As a father and grandfather, my heart was broken as we extended love and help to Syrians.

Girls’ Class Motivates Community

Just one year ago the finishing touches were being put on the House of Ruth, a community center in rural Jordan.  Now the center is bringing help and hope to women and children of all ages! The GHNI-Jordan team has more great news in their latest update.

Books to Aspiring University Students

From the desk of Regional Field Leader Jeff Latsa, we receive a hearty thanks to those who contribute to the work in Turkey. Now many more students have a chance at a higher education and better jobs to support their families.

O Town, Turkey

“Last month, with the help of many of you, Dr. K was able to deliver 50 sets of University Test Prep Books to poor Zaza students in the community where we usually work.